To book a video chat with one of our expert dermatologist and general pratictioners,
please send an email:
or call us to the mobile:

europe +393934543764

central america +502 35190716

Ask for an appointment to the doctor that will videochat with you within 60 min.

A 20 min of video chat with the dermatologist will cost 50 euros, with a general pratictioner 35 euros (payment with paypal, see below the paypal button)

A FirstDerm consultation cost 26 euros (payment directly in the FirstDerm form)

Spoken languages: English, Spanish, Italian


Download the Skype video chat app  (video chat with a doctor for a general medicine consultation or a specialistic dermatologic consultation)

Skype nick: agdoctor

Download the app Firstderm with HUD Dermlite  for a general dermatology case or a dermatoscopy (moles and skin cancer screening) second opinion

or send your case using

the  form  FIRSTDERM