Video Chat with a Dermatologist

English and Spanish speaking Tourists ask to a Dermatologist, reach your doctor wherever you are

A new concept of healthcare. Private and secure video chat connects health experts with tourists everywhere in the world to solve rapidly and low cost their health problems.

We all know that a sudden illness in a foreign country is one of the most serious problems that a tourist can face. The difficulty of communication in his/her own language and unfamiliarity of the health system of each country, makes the situation even more difficult.

It is not pleasant to be sick at anytime but getting sick or injured in a foreign country can be frightening. You are in an unfamiliar place and often don't speak the language. We are here to minimize the inconvenience and distress, providing great doctors for tourists and expats. Our English speaking staff works around the clock to guarantee rapid and effective assistance to their medical needs.
Doctors for Tourists guarantee a video chat by a specialist dermatologist  at the patient’s location, whether it is his/her home, hotel or office, dealing with the urgent situation and comforting the patient or an office face to face  private consultation in a Milan clinic.