Our Mission

We are a team of dermatologists experts in telemedicine  and in particular in  teledermatology and in teledermatoscopy as specialist in dermatology.

Our mission is to give medical advices to english and spanish speaking tourists people that far from their home need medical help and support. The video call is the best tool to keep in touch with a patient, better than a simple call or a chat, it can help you a lot reducing your anxiety and feel more comfortable and secure. Also it is faster to get and cheaper than a medical consult at your room.

Dott. Di Stefano Andrea Giuseppe

European Board-Centified Consultant Dermatologist specialized in melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer diagnosis. He is a european certified expert on using dermoscopy for melanoma diagnosis and mole screening. He organizes international courses on melanoma diagnosis for dermatologists of central america. He spends most of his working time in teledermatology and teledermatoscopy second opinion project.